Please consider making a donation to support our Class of '81 STG Scholarship fund.

Choose your donation level:
$18 ... Wally's lucky number
$40 ... for our 40th reunion
$58 ... for our age this year (most of us)
$63 ... for the year were born (most of us)
$81 ... for the greatest Staples graduating class! 
 or any other amount you want.

Donations can also be made by mailing a check Payable to: 

Staples Tuition Grants
PO Box 5159
Westport, CT  06881-5159

*Be sure to list Staples Class of 1981 Gift on the memo line.
*Send Andre Lambros a text (772-341-5119) and/or email ( with the amount of your donation (so we can confirm with Staples Tuition Grants)

(Checks made out to STAPLES TUITION GRANTS)