Donate $100 ... Receive a T-Shirt or Baseball Cap

     Donate $200 ... Receive a Golf Shirt

          Donate $250 ... Receive a Sweatshirt

               Donate $500 and up ... Receive All Four!


Donations can also be made by mailing a check Payable to: 

Staples Tuition Grants
PO Box 5159
Westport, CT  06881-5159

1.) *Be sure to list Staples Class of 1981 Gift on the memo line.
2.) *Contact Andre Lambros by Sending a Text to 772-341-5119 or Email to and include the Amount of Your Donation (so we can confirm with Staples Tuition Grants)
3.) *If you Qualify for an incentive provide Baseball Cap Color Preference (White or Blue), T-Shirt or Golf Shirt Size, Sweatshirt Size and Color Prefence (White, Gray or Blue)

(Checks made out to STAPLES TUITION GRANTS)

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$ 3,616

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"Eighteen is a Jewish lucky number."
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"Thank you Class of 81' committee for all of your work."
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